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The modern silver flute, is a transverse (side-blown) flute that is widely used in                                                                classical, orchestral, and contemporary music. It was developed by the German                                                                flute maker Theobald Boehm in the mid-19th century. Before this development, flutes were typically made of wood and had a limited range and tonal capabilities.

Theobald Boehm developed complex system of keys and rods to cover the tone holes called the Boehm system. This system enabled the flutist to play a larger range of notes with greater ease and accuracy. The Boehm system was also designed to provide more evenness in the scale and improved intonation. To achieve the desired tonal qualities and durability, Boehm experimented with various materials, including silver. Silver was found to produce a bright and projecting sound and was resistant to tarnishing. The use of silver became popular and remains a common choice for professional flutes to this day. Modern silver flutes often have a silver-plated body or a solid silver construction.

Due to the complex Boehm system of keys, springs and rods, flutes require regular servicing. For most students and hobbyists yearly servicing will be adequate, but professional flautists and high level students may need more regular servicing.

A flute service typically involves a thorough inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the instrument to ensure it is in optimal playing condition. Here are some common tasks that may be performed during a flute service:

  1. Inspection: The flute is carefully examined for any visible damage, such as bent keys, loose or misaligned parts, or signs of wear.

  2. Disassembly: The flute is disassembled into its individual components, and some keys and the head joint crown is removed. This allows for better access during the cleaning and adjustment processes.

  3. Cleaning: Each component of the flute is cleaned using specialized cleaning agents and tools. This includes sterilising the bore, removing dirt, dust, and as much accumulated residue from the head, body, keys, and tone holes as possible.

  4. Polishing: The flute may undergo a polishing process to restore its shine and remove some tarnish or discoloration. This is typically done using gentle polishes or polishing cloths designed specifically for flutes. Please note, polishing will not remove pitting. This appears as tarnish but is actually microscopic holes in the plating. It can be easily avoided by regular polishing after playing your flute with a microfibre cloth.

  5. Key Adjustment: The keys are inspected and adjusted to ensure proper alignment and responsiveness. This involves checking for loose or misaligned keys to ensure smooth and accurate key action.

  6. Pad & Cork Inspection and Replacement: The condition of the flute's pads and corks are assessed, and worn or damaged pads & corks may be replaced. Pads may also be heat treated to minimise air leaks (if required). A standard service will include the replacement of up to 4 pads, 4 key corks and head cork at no extra charge.

  7. Spring Adjustment: The flute's springs, which provide tension to the keys, may be adjusted to ensure proper key height and response. This adjustment helps achieve an even and consistent feel across all the keys.

  8. Lubrication: Appropriate lubricants are applied to the necessary parts, such as pivot points and rods, to ensure smooth key movement and prevent excessive wear.

  9. Assembly and Final Play Test: After all the necessary adjustments and maintenance tasks are completed, the flute is reassembled. A final play test is conducted to ensure that the flute is in optimal playing condition, with good intonation, response, and tonal quality.

The price of a standard service is $170.00.

It doe not include: Dent removal, Straightening damaged or bent components, Full repad- all of these services will need to be quoted on by the technician.

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