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Repair Services

Music Repair Solutions use the ultrasonic method of cleaning our brass instruments during it's yearly service, this is an environmentally friendly,

non-corrosive and chemical free method of flushing your horn, producing superior results. To maintain our environmentally friendly approach to the care of your instrument we use synthetic oils and lead free solder.

Servicing of your woodwind instrument should be done on average once a year (more often for older instruments and pro instruments that are played every day). Servicing includes removal of necessary key work, re-seating of pads and realignment of bent keys. It also includes the replacement, if required, of up to three pads and three key corks. Keys are oiled and regulated, and a Sterisol bore is used to clean the instrument and mouthpiece.

Woodwind Repairs & Service Prices                                                                                   

 Flute or Clarinet    - $170.00

Piccolo, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone  - $190.00

Full overhauls of your woodwind instrument should be done only as needed, and include removal of all keys plus a total re-pad and re-cork of the instrument. All keys are oiled and regulated, and the instrument and mouthpiece are cleaned using ultrasonics or a Sterisol bore.
Overhaul Prices*                                                                                                           

 Flute or Clarinet  - $450.00 to $490.00

Piccolo, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone  - $590.00 to $690.00

Cork replacements occasionally need to be done on woodwind instruments outside of servicing. In these cases, the minimum workshop charge is $45.00.
Single tenon cork replacement  - $45.00
Additional tenon corks  - $20.00 each
Gooseneck cork  - $45.00
All other work will be assessed on an individual basis

Brass Instrument Repairs & Service Prices

Trumpets, Trombones, Cornets and Tenor Horns  - $170.00
Tubas and Lower Brass - $190.00
* Service price does not include dent removal or replacement of other parts. Full overhauls, insurance claims repair of damaged instruments are quoted on as needed. These prices are to be used as a guide only - all work will be fully quoted on prior to commencement. Our technicians will also only carry out work on viable instruments. Antique instruments will be assessed on an individual basis.

A word of warning on purchasing a cheaper instrument: There are some cheaply made instruments that simply cannot be serviced.  They are made from poor quality metals and poor quality parts. If they can be serviced, don't expect the work to last as long as a quality brand instrument. The keys are softer- they bend easily, the slides on brass instruments stick more easily so they need servicing and repairing more frequently. Eventually, a "bargain" cheap instrument will cost you much more in extra servicing than buying a quality instrument in the first place. So why are we telling you this if we earn more money servicing the cheaper instruments? because they are awful to play and awful to repair, we would rather students become life long musicians by having an instrument that is a pleasure to play.

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Brass Repairs


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